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The Ministries of our Church
Sitka Adventist School - We have a wonderful school, fully accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation. Sitka Adventist School offers a quality Christian education in a multi-age environment. Please visit their website: www.sitkaadventistschool.org

Weekly Bible Study Program - Each Monday night we have a Bible study program that covers various chapters in the Bible. See the calendar for topic and location.

Personal Bible Study - Do you want to learn more about the Bible? If so, sign up for our free Bible study program, learn what happens after you die, what God's plan is for your life, and much more. Contact Pastor Nathan at nathanstearman@gmail.com.

Radio Station - As of November 2010, our church has established the newest radio station in Sitka.  We are hooked up to a satellite feed and are also producing our own local programming. The content is a range of inspirational music and interesting talks/call-in shows, etc.  Check us out at KQQS 89.3 FM. 
The Adventist Channel showcases various Adventist media ministries.

Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD (Amazing Facts) - www.youtube.com/watch (based on the events prophesied in Daniel and Revelation)

Check back for upcoming seminars on a variety of topics including: health, finances, and the Bible.